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Lisa Fitzpatrick, at Jobs Expo Cork in UCC

Updated: Jan 9

Lisa Fitzpatrick Coaching was honored to present a dynamic Career Clinic at the Jobs Expo in University College Cork (UCC).

The event, focused on empowering individuals to 'Embrace Their Career Journey,' garnered significant attention and engagement from attendees. During the session, the audience were captivated by delving into the essential aspects of personal and professional growth, emphasising the significance of identifying and aligning personal values with career aspirations.

The insightful discussion also touched upon cultivating a growth mindset for career advancement, providing invaluable tips for effective career development strategies, and comprehensive interview preparation techniques.

I was thrilled to contribute to the Jobs Expo at UCC and engage with individuals eager to optimize their career paths. Empowering attendees to embrace their career journey aligns with my core mission.

The interactive session, well-received by attendees, highlighted the importance of holistic career development and left a lasting impact on all participants.

Thanks to Jobs Expo team for extending the invitation and facilitating an impactful event and look forward to contributing to forthcoming events in 2024, continuing to inspire and guide individuals in their professional journeys.

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