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Personal Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Business & Executive Coaching Ireland 

Lisa Fitzpatrick Coaching

Offering effective coaching services to people looking for personal life coaching, career coaching, business & executive coaching in Ireland.

Be in the Driving Seat of Your Life or Business

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Personal Life Coaching

Evolve, don't revolve!

Take time out for yourself to think about what direction your life is going and where you want it to be. Have you plans and goals not yet reached? Finding clarity and direction is empowering and allows for better focus.

Career Coaching

Embrace Change

Are you starting out or thinking about a career change? Coaching is a great way to review where you are currently at and where you would like to be. It might be deciding where to start out, a change in direction, a new role completely or added confidence, goals and performance in your current role. Take the time out of day to day busyness and to do lists today and reflect!

Business & Executive Coaching

Lead the Change for your Business & Employees

Business and employees are changing and leaders need to successfully adapt to this. Employees are now looking for more purpose in their roles and want to be part of the bigger picture.
An interdependent work culture is an adaptive process so be sure you as a leader and your business are moving in the right direction and working in a collaborative environment for future success and growth.

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