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Is Fear of Failure Holding you Back?

Updated: Jan 17

What would you do if success was guaranteed? This is a question I frequently ask clients – the main reason is that it creates space for the unknown, new possibilities and attempts to remove the fear of failure that can all too often hinder or block individuals and business owners personally and professionally.

Understanding the fear of failure is very empowering for growth, moving forward and unlocking the door to success.

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 Here are some strategies to help conquer and understand the fear of failure:

Understand the Root Cause: Where is this fear coming from and is it yours to carry! It can often come from perfectionism, conditioning, external expectations or past experiences. Understanding more about where it stems from is powerful for moving forward.


Set Realistic Goals: Set the goals that you want to achieve and break them down to manageable, realistic steps. Begin with the end in mind and then work back! Focussing on just the finish line will heighten the fear of failure, small steps build confidence along the way.


Allow for Some Uncertainty: Striving for perfection all the time can fuel the fear of failure. Allow for a bit of messiness and spontaneity as this can often be where the magic happens and is the time where you further leave the comfort zone.


Celebrate the Small Wins: A win is a win! As you are moving forward on an area that you are fearful of celebrate the small wins along the way. Small steps get you to the top of the mountain but you should always stop along the way and reflect to take in the views. Take in the views and keep going – consistency is key!


Visualise what you want: Knowing what you want and being able to visualise it sets the roadmap for the journey. If you can see it, you can be it! Visualisation is powerful for focus and it helps to work with a trusted person to help you maintain this vision and have accountability.


Have a Growth Mindset: Saying and believing you can do it is key to success. Nothing is linear so reframe challenges as opportunities to learn and grow. This helps foster resilience and a drive to confront challenges full on.


Seek Support: Talk to and read about role models that you have seen walk the path that you want to go on but fear of failure may be getting in your way. Knowing that these people have also faced their fears, met challenges and most likely continue to do so is both liberating and empowering. Reach out to talk to the role model or a trusted coach to explore more and get motivated.


Have Compassion: As you navigate this journey, have compassion for yourself as growth isn’t instant. Acknowledge fear without judgement and embrace vulnerability.


Know you Always Have a Choice: If somethings not right you can change it! Knowing that you have a choice is empowering – you can choose change, your reactions, your responses, your circle, your attitude, your behaviour, what you learn etc.

Conquering the fear of failure is a transformative journey that requires self-reflection, awareness, resilience and a willingness to change and embrace the unknown. The fear of failure can lead to prolonged perfection, procrastination, low self-esteem, hinder performance and potential - often starting can be the hardest part!

By understanding the roots of fear, reframing failure, and adopting a growth mindset, individuals can navigate fears with newfound strength and confidence.

“Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change.” Brené Brown

Take action today to move forward!

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